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“We won’t sugarcoat it: This isn’t a “get-rich-quick” gig. Our trainings won’t take if you don’t put in a decent amount of elbow grease.” Amplizon is built upon the idea that success is entirely possible, it just takes a bit of effort. Their online selling training program can turn any internet novice into a sustainable, profitable businessperson. Our team jumped at the chance to design and build a stunning new website for Amplizon!

Robust Trainings. Elite Mentorship. Effective Tools. And Now, A Stunning Website.

Amplizon prides themselves as being a one-stop shop for receiving professional ecommerce advice. They host robust, in-person training events each month, and offer best-in-class mentorship. But up until they came to us, Amplizon didn’t have a website that matched their level of professional service.

Our task was to design a site that was both easy to use, and visually stunning. Oh, and did we mention that they had an incredibly short delivery deadline of just 2 weeks? The end result? Well, see for yourself.

Advanced Education & Resources

Above all, Amplizon wanted their new website to be a hub of information for their customers. They wanted it to be a place where AmpU students could come for ecommerce education, advice, and best practices.

We built the site to also work hand-in-hand with Amplizon’s current event marketing strategies, encouraging users to attend a free seller training and learn from pros.

Optimized for Any Screen

Two weeks isn’t a lot of time to design, build and launch a brand new website—especially one that is responsive to screen size. But in today’s world, responsive design is absolutely necessary. Using the Divi Theme and Visual Page Builder, we brought our designs for the website to life, while keeping it 100% mobile-friendly and easy to maintain for Amplizon’s team.


Trent E., Co-Founder of Amplizon

We came to MONIKER in a bit of a tight spot. Feedback from potential clients indicated a poor customer experience because our main website wasn’t really a site at all–it was a sales funnel. People want to know who we are as a company before they buy and our shortcomings in that area were negatively impacting sales. It was critical that we launch a new website as quickly as possible (i.e. within 2 weeks). We had previously hired MONIKER to develop our brand identity so we had all the confidence they could pull this off. However, they completely exceeded our expectations. The website they built for us perfectly represents our company and creates a fantastic experience for prospective students. Our corporate site is modern, beautifully designed, easy to navigate and is essentially a central hub for our brand. The development process was seamless and the MONIKER team was excellent at implementing feedback and requests.

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