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Every. Damn. Day. Bobby Maximus doesn’t have time for quitters. He requires hard work from those he trains day in and day out. So when he asked us to help him develop a fitness brand for his personal training and speaking services, we knew it was going to be a challenge all the way through. Bobby had grown into a well-known fitness trainer and health coach, but needed help transforming his personal reputation into a brand. Enter MONIKER.

Give Mediocrity the Bird

When Robert “Bobby Maximus” MacDonald preaches his disdain for mediocrity, he means it. A glimpse at his life and accomplishments speak to his passion for dominating life and helping other do the same. Former UFC fighter? Check. Devoted family man? Absolutely. Dynamic speaker, instructor and life coach? You know it. Taught and trained with US Special Forces? Yup. Total badass? Well, that’s the understatement of the year.

Mind Over Matter

Empowerment. That’s what Bobby delivers to every individual he trains. He is the catalyst that helps people become stronger and more confident. We developed their why statement, positioning, core messages, and tagline—all based around the belief that fitness should be empowering.

Blaze the Trail

Using Bobby Maximus’ newly crafted identity and messaging map, we designed a website where trainers and gym rats alike could find information about workout routines, watch motivational videos, buy Maximus-branded apparel and schedule speaking events.


Bobby and Lisa Maximus

The work Moniker did for our brand was remarkable. They captured the spirit and essence of our brand perfectly. They met all their deliverables in a timely fashion and were always there for us when we needed them for advice and for help in making decisions.

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