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“When it comes to education, one size definitely does not fit all.” This is just one of the many powerful statements spoken during our Brandsmith Workshop with Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy (Ignite). The passion and vigor of each team member was evident from the get-go. Their dedication to education—and more specifically, to the students—made them a perfect brand to go through Moniker’s Brandsmith Workshop.

Finding the Why

“No child’s natural desire to learn should be extinguished.” That is the core belief of Ignite. It’s their motivation for getting out of bed in the morning; it’s their reason for doing what they do; it’s their “why statement”. It’s the glue that holds their branding together, and is founded on their deep love and respect for students. Coming to this why statement was a fun process.

It helped uncover many of the passions, and core beliefs the school (and its instructors) hold dear to their hearts. Everything from the identity, to the core messages, to the position statement came back to this one concise statement.

Learning Without Limits

Ignite transforms empowered students into life-long learners. Becoming an Ignite Entrepreneur isn’t about owning a business. It’s about developing the tools necessary to become successful in whatever path the student chooses in life. They learn to mentor others, develop grit and master conflict resolution. Together in the Brandsmith Workshop, we took all of these ideas and blended them into Ignite’s core messages.

The Flame for Learning

Contained within Ignite’s Why Statement is the idea that children have a deep yearning for knowledge. It’s a bright flame in their lives that should never, under any circumstance, be extinguished. We took this core belief and made sure it was the core message represented by the logo. It begins as a spark, and grows brighter and stronger until it becomes a constant, illuminating flame.


Dave A, Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy

Moniker’s Brandsmith Workshop helped my team craft everything from our brand personality, to our why statement, to our logo. It was an exciting, hands-on experience, and because we created it together as a team, it was something we all felt connected to. Presenting it to our senior leadership afterwards was much easier because we all had bought into it; we all believed in the brand we created together.

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