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Be the change agent. Lisa has a firm belief that the women she trains are not problems or victims. She empowers each person to take control of any situation life throws at them. Naturally, we thought that was a perfect match with our objectives at MONIKER. We became the change agent for the Lisa Maximus brand. Lisa—wife of and business partner with Bobby Maximus—is an accomplished fitness coach.

Train Like a Woman

With a focus on women, her training takes a more holistic approach, training both the mind and the body. She needed a way to promote this style of training, and develop her own brand—one that was still tied to the Maximus brand, but had a unique why statement, core messages and voice/tone. That’s where MONIKER came in.

Lifting. Women.

That’s what is truly important to Lisa. She is a firm believer that health and fitness should lift you up and motivate you; not objectify and degrade you. In short, healthy should feel good—not just look it. We developed their why statement, positioning, core messages, and tagline—all based around that very belief.

Breaking Down Barriers

Using Lisa Maximus’ newly crafted identity and messaging map, we designed a website where trainers and motivated women alike could find information about workout routines, watch motivational videos, buy Maximus-branded apparel and schedule speaking events.


Bobby and Lisa Maximus

The work Moniker did for our brand was remarkable. They captured the spirit and essence of our brand perfectly. They met all their deliverables in a timely fashion and were always there for us when we needed them for advice and for help in making decisions.

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