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Rebranding the largest independent healthcare provider in Utah (formerly Central Utah Clinic) was a monumental task that required the combined efforts of multiple talented agencies (EKR Agency, Chase Marketing, Cosmic Studios) and dedicated internal employees. As an internal marketing executive at the time, Justin Ellingford coordinated this effort.

Loud and Proud

Using the new brand identity created by EKR Agency, a billboard campaign was designed and launched to let everyone know there was a new/old player in the healthcare space. 4 board designs could be seen from northern Utah County down to St. George, UT.

It helped uncover many of the passions, and core beliefs the school (and its instructors) hold dear to their hearts. Everything from the identity, to the core messages, to the position statement came back to this one concise statement.

Consistency in Messaging

Educating patients, insurance partners and employees was a process that took the better part of a year. The clinic’s physicians and administrative team wanted everyone to understand that although the name had changed, the rebranding was an internal decision and a move in the right direction.

This meant social media campaigns, radio advertisements, direct mail, signage and more needed to be expertly synced. We’re not surgeons, but we think we’re pretty skilled with our hands, too.

Employee Buy-In

Boasting more than 100 locations, 300 providers and nearly 2,000 employees, pulling this off required much more than a facelift–it required an earnest look at the heart and soul of the organization.

Building a unified network of clinics started with restructuring the core values and mission of the group, and then relentlessly communicating those to employees throughout the state.

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